Biwako Otsu Tourism Association Private Guide Tour Biwako Otsu Tourism Association Private Guide Tour
Tour Otsu together with your guide! Tour Otsu together with your guide!

Welcome to Otsu City! In this city, there are many spots we would like to introduce to you, such like Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, and Enryakuji, registered as a World Heritage Site. Set off for your tour with your private guide, and immerse yourself in experiences unique to Otsu!

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Learn about and feel for yourself
the charms of Otsu!
Otsu has a history of over 1,300 years, and has flourished as one of Japan's representative religious cities. It is because of this that many old temples and shrines, as well as historic sites, still remain even today. With your guide, discover the allures of these spots that you might miss out on if you were travelling alone, and learn about the stories of these places intertwined with the local history.

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Enjoy a flexible and cozy tour
tailored to your wishes!
As there will be a private tour guide attached to your group, there is no need to look up any info about the tourist spots, and no need to worry about getting lost. Unlike a large group tour, enjoy a flexible and cozy tour, with the guide tailoring the plan to suit your requests as far as possible!

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Visit the major
sightseeing spots efficiently
Our local guides, who know the area like the back of their hands, will lead you around our tours based on different themes, like history, culture, and scenery, in the most efficient routes possible. On our tour, you will not miss out on any of the major must-see spots in Otsu, so join us and experience all that the city has to offer in the best possible manner!
About the tour plans offered

The tour plans introduced on this page are all one-day private tours, with a guide accompanying your group. On our tours, you will get to visit many sightseeing spots, with the spots for each tour curated to fit the tour themes that bring the various local characteristics to life.

Feel the 53 Stations of the Tokaido Highway on this Otsu Cycling Tour!
Relive a journey in the days of the samurai! Enjoy the history and scenery of the roads!

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This new spot offers bike rental & repair services. Find a bike you like and set off on a trip around Otsu and Lake Biwa!


This temple has a long history, and is believed to invite good fortune. It is also famous as a flower and moon-viewing spot.

Sobaya Sumikura

This soba restaurant is housed within a renovated ryokan. Enjoy handmade buckwheat noodles while gazing at the Seta River.

Seta Karahashi Bridge

This bridge over the Seta River is a site where many battles have been fought over the capital, and it has been a turning point in history.

Takebe Taisha

This shrine, dedicated to folklore heroes, is supposedly good for success in life. Enjoy its thatched roof as you pray here!

Kusatsu-juku Honjin

The main inn of Kusatsu-juku, from the Edo period is one of the largest in the country. Take a trip back in time here!
List of tours List of tours
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An ancient capital, a city of water, a place of religion—explore these different faces to Otsu all at once!

The Tokaido has linked Tokyo and Kyoto since ancient times. Explore part of it on bicycle on this tour.
For those who understand some Japanese history and want to know more, and those who enjoy sports, this is for you!
Feel the history of the old streets, and enjoy the scenery around Lake Biwa.
Come visit this town of religion and enjoy its local charms with us!
Explore Sacred Enryakuji and the Streets of Sakamoto where Monks Live!
Get up and close with the roots of religion in Japan in a place with ancient shrines and temples
Discover Local Traditions and Food in Otsu Hyakucho
Enjoy eating and shopping on this tour of a town with three unique faces—a post town, a port town, and a temple town!
Feel the 53 Stations of the Tokaido Highway on this Otsu Cycling Tour!
Relive a journey in the days of the samurai! Enjoy the history and scenery of the roads!
Go on a Scenic Mini Cycling Tour around Lake Biwa
Cycle around the southern side of Lake Biwa, and enjoy activities that allow you to take in its splendid views!
About us

We, otomo travel, are a private tour service that offers various tour plans, that make use of local characteristics, to overseas visitors travelling to Japan, together with specialised guides. We aim to ensure that all visitors get to enjoy a richer, more fulfilling trip of Japan through taking part in our unique tours that offer experiences found nowhere else. Company Service


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