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Convention Facilities

Otsu Area

  Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts - Shiga  (MAP)   

 〒520-0806 15-1 Uchidehama, Otsu-shi TEL(077)523-7135 FAX(077)523-7147

Biwako Hall

Representing Japan on the Fine Arts Stage
Capable of rapidly changing the stage for performances such as operas, ballets, and musicals, the main theater hosts a four-sided stage equipped with acoustic reflectors that will enable you to fully appereciate a performance's auditory setting.
Additionally, this location is ideally situated next to the stunning scenery of Lake Biwa and the surrounding mountains. Convention facilities and accomodations are also located near the center of this area.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Main Theater - 1,848 Seats, Theater - 804 Seats, Ensemble Hall - 323 Seats


Cars: 849
Buses: 3


3 minutes by foor from Keihan Ishiba Station

  Piazza Omi Prefectural Community Engagement Center  (MAP)   

 〒520-0801 1-1-20 Nionohama, Otsu-shi TEL(077)527-3315 FAX(077)527-3319

Piazza Omi

Blessed with a terrific location at the front of Lake Biwa, this engagement center is a multipurpose exchange facility where prefectural citizens can gather and participate in a variety of social activities.
This facility can handle a wide range of meetings such as conferences, workshops, academic talks, cultural presentations, national conventions, and international conferences.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Piazza Hall - 426 Seats, Conference Room - 216 Seats


Cars: 77


5 minutes by foor from Keihan Ishiba Station

  Otsu Civic Hall  (MAP)   

 〒520-0042 14-1 Shimanoseki, Otsu-shi TEL(077)525-1234 FAX(077)525-1788

Otsu Civic Hall

Otsu Civic Hall is equipped with a large auditorium that can accommodate 1,300 people, a small-scale hall, and a rehearsal room. A variety of events and functions may be hosted here.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Auditorium - 1,300 Seats, Small-Scale Hall 200 Seats


Cars: 60


3 minutes by foor from Keihan Shimanoseki Station

  Collabo Shiga 21  (MAP)   

 〒520-0806 2-1 Uchidehama, Otsu-shi TEL(077)511-1400

Collabo Shiga 21

Enjoy Lake Biwa's beautiful scenery from a conference room on its shores.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Large Conference Room - 251 Seats, Medium-Scale Conference Rooms(2) - 60 Seats


Cars:54 (Parking is only available for event organizers)


5 minutes by foor from Keihan Ishiba Station

  Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel  (MAP)   

 〒520-8520 4-7-7 Nionohama, Otsu-shi TEL(077)521-1111 FAX(077)521-5519

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

Come and enjoy a seasonal view overlooking Lake Biwa from a guest room on the 38th floor, which is 136m above the ground. A wide selection of seasonal dishes from Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines from the seven restaurants here are also available to be enjoyed. Oumi is one of the largest convention halls in Japan and boasts a total area of 2,940 m2 when all of its rooms are combined.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Convention Hall Oumi・All Rooms United - 3,500 Seats, Prince Hall - 1,200 Seats


Cars: 500
Buses: 11


10 minutes via a free shuttle bus from JR Otsu Station

  Biwako Hotel  (MAP)   

 〒520-0041 2-40 Hamamachi, Otsu-shi TEL(077)524-7111 FAX(077)524-8318

Biwako Hotel

This location overlooks Lake Biwa, with all rooms including a lake view and balcony. There is also a large natural hos spring bath on the premises. Stretch your limbs while relaxing physically and mentally with a lake view.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Ruri Large Banquet Hall - 1,000 Seats, Rose Banquet Hall - 280 Seats


Cars: 155
Buses: 4


5 minutes by foot from Keihan Biwako-Hamaotsu Station

  Biwako Grand Hotel Kyo-Ohmi  (MAP)   

 〒520-0101 6-5-1 Ogoto, Otsu-shi TEL(077)579-2111 FAX(077)579-2161

Biwako Grand Hotel Kyo-Ohmi

This hotel can accommodate up to 800 guests. Our meeting space is also adaptable for your needs whether you are coming in for a meeting, conference, concert, or cultural performance. Make the most of your time while we prepare the venue for you.


Main Settings: Zuisho Hall - 800 Seats, Heian Hall - 680 Seats, Kyo-nishiki Hall - 500 Seats


Cars: 400
Buses: 50


J5 minutes by shuttle bus from JR Ogotoonsen Station vis the Kosei Line.

  Biwakohanakaido  (MAP)   

 〒520-0101 1-1-3 Ogoto, Otsu-shi TEL(077)578-1075 FAX(077)578-1011


Layouts in cosideration of your needs is possible at our venue, with our meeting room being able to be partitioned in half.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Ohmino-hana 100 Seats, Biwako-Roman 50 Seats


Cars: 46
Buses: 3


5 minutes by sguttle bus from JR Ogotoonsen Station vis Kosei Line


  Kusatsu Estopia Hotel  (MAP)   

 〒525-0037 4-32 Nishi Oji-cho, Kusatsu-shi TEL(077)566-3333 FAX(077)566-3345

Kusatsu Estopia Hotel

Enjoy delicious food prepared by our chef, who has received a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Culinary Art. In addition to our various and multisized reception revenues, there are two top floor reception rooms ninety meters above Lake Biwa, where guests may enjoy observing the regional scenery at any time of the day. This is also a convenient location, being three minutes by foot from JR Kusatsu Station.

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Zuisho-no-ma 310 Seats, Zuiko-no-ma 80 Seats


Cars: 150
Buses: 3


3 minutes by foot from JR Kusatsu Station

  Hotel Boston Plaza Kusatsu  (MAP)   

 〒525-0037 Boston Square, Kusatsu-eki Nishi, Kusatsu-shi TEL(077)561-3311 FAX(077)561-3322

Hotel Boston Plaza Kusatsu

This hotel offers six meeting venues, each with their own personality that is based on tradational American culture. Come and enjoy our celebration cuisine that has received a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Culinary Art. This hotel is conveniently located adjacent to JR Kusatsu Station(accessible via the JR Biwako Line).

  Facility Details

Main Settings: Kennedy Room 374 Seats, Lincoln Ball Room 254 Seats


Cars: 200


30 seconds from JR Kusatsu Station