Trip Ideas #Central02

Lakeside cycling and Old Tokaido Road route

Central/Otsu / Zeze

A spot where residents relax by the lake.

Nagisa Park along Lake Biwa is a spot where local residents enjoy walks and fishing. Along the lake is the Biwaichi bicycle route that goes around Lake Biwa.
Cafes popular with residents are gathered at Nagisa no Terrace, which is the perfect spot for relaxing by the lake.
JR Otsu Station, the gateway to tourism and the location of the Otsu Station Tourist Information Center, is the center of Shiga Prefecture that houses the government office district.
Here you can enjoy historical scenery lined with venerable shops that have continued since the Edo Period, in an area that prospered as Otsushuku on the Old Tokaido Road.

Approx. time required
3-4 hours
Key points
of traveling
・The lakeside is fully equipped with a cycling road, so cycle rental is recommended.
・There are many flat roads with many sights leading to the Old Tokaido Road area from the lakeside area.
・Leisurely take a walking tour on the Old Tokaido Road from Otsu to Hamaotsu and visit the shopping street.

Otsu Station Tourist Information Center

Cycle rental.

■ Otsu Station Tourist Information Center
Hours 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Contact TEL: +81-77-522-3830
FAX: +81-77-522-3863

Transit time: 5 min. by bicycle


The Old Tokaido Road area

Visit famous shops.
Enjoying the retro townscape from Ishiba to Hamaotsu, with the Old Tokaido Road as its theme, is also recommended.

Transit time: 20 min. by bicycle


Nagisa no Terrace

A cafe break looking out at Lake Biwa.
A facility with four cafes and restaurants that use healthy, local ingredients. Enjoy Lake Biwa at your leisure.

■ Nagisa no Terrace
Contact Nagisa WARMS - TEL: +81-77-526-8220
Chocola - TEL: +81-77-521-3525
ANCHOVY - TEL: +81-77-522-1811
Colony - TEL: +81-77-524-5223

Transit time: 20 min. by bicycle


Zezejoseki Park

Stroll through greenery-rich parks.

■ Zezejoseki Park
Address Honmaru cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 520-0814
Parking Capacity for regular-sized cars
Closed on No scheduled holidays
Price Free

Transit time: 10 min. by bicycle


Zeze Seiran-no-Michi

Enjoy the famous eight views of Omi.
One of the famous eight views of Omi. The long road along the lake is perfect for leisurely cycling.

Transit time: 45 min. by bicycle


Otsu Station Tourist Information Center

Return your rented bicycle.

■ Otsu Station Tourist Information Center
Hours 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Contact TEL: +81-77-522-3830
FAX :+81-77-522-3863