Otsu Castle Ruins

Asano Nagamasa was a subordinate of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the lord of Sakamoto Castle in 1586, when he had the castle moved to and reconstructed on Lake Biwa’s shore in Otsu. It was a massive castle, taking up even the modern district of Hamaotsu as a castle town, which is thought to have roughly taken shape at that time. The castle was moved to Zeze after the Battle of Sekigahara, but materials from the castle keep became a part of Hikone Castle. Only a stone monument currently remains near Otsu Port.

Address 5 Hamaotsu, Otsu City
Access ■By train
Immediately near Keihan Biwako-hamaotsu Station
■By car
5 min. from the Otsu Interchange via the Meishin Expressway
Parking Public parking nearby (Large cars possible, paid parking)
Contact Otsu Station Tourist Information Center
TEL: 077-522-3830