Original Hashirii Mochi

○Hashirii Mochi
Hashirii mochi was created in 1764. Made using Hashirii mineral spring water and rice from Omi Province (modern-day Shiga Prefecture), this mochi would not only fill the bellies of travelers, but also soothe their weariness. The unique shape of this Hashirii mochi is an expression of the full drops of water that well up from the gushing spring. It is also known all across Japan as a product of the Tokaido road that crossed the country.
○Koshu (Lit, “Lake Boats”)
Inspired by the seasonal poem filled with longing and nostalgia, “Boats of the Lake.” This product was given the name “Koshu” or “Lake Boats,” using a shape inspired by the sentiments of the poem, and is meticulously baked, boat by boat.

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