Suijo Sanpo Shiga – SUP Experience

SUP’s charm is that even beginners can quickly enjoy it! Lazily float on the water to relax and release your stress. Why not at least give it a try?

Starting Places

  • Biwako Rakuen Hotel Izutsu Lakeside Beach
    ■By train
    About 20 min. by foot from JR Karasaki Station via the Kosei Line
    ■By car
    After coming from the Shimosakamoto Interchange via the Kosei Road, turn left at the Shimosakamoto 2 Chome Minami Intersection. It will be immediately nearby after you also turn to the left at Shiga Prefectural Road Route 558.
  • Michi-no-Eki – Lake Biwa Ohasi Kome Plaza
  • Biwakoohashinishizume Lakeside Beach 
  • Access 
  • ■By train

About 25 min. by foot from JR Katata Station via the Biwako Line
■By car
About 30 min. from the Kyoto-higashi Interchange via the Meishin Expressway or about 5 min. from the Mano Interchange on the Kosei Road

Start Times

Early SUP         6:30

  • SUP Experience 9:30~
  • SUP Experience 12:00
  • SUP Experience 14:30

Evening SUP       17:00

*Times may change depending on the season.

Parking There are free parking lots
Contact 080-2453-8011
Closed on N/A
Price Weekends: 60 min/3,800円 – 120 min/5,300円
Weekends & Holidays: 60 min/4,500円 – 120 min/6,500円
Capacity From 1 person to a maximum of 4 adults

Phone: 080-2453-8011







●There are so many ways to have fun! Enjoy our boats that have a diameter of 3 meters! Pets can ride too! Please check out our website for more information.