Ono Shrine

Ono Shrine is located in silence amidst a thick forest.
The deity enshrined at the shrine is Taganetsuki Oomi no Mikoto, ancestor to the fifth emperor of Japan, Emperor Kosho, and the 6th-7th century diplomat Ono no Imoko. Taganetsuki Oomi no Mikoto is said to have been the first in Japan to pound rice into mochi, and is widely worshipped as a deity of confectionary work.
Additionally, the soapnut trees growing along the path leading to Ono Shrine measure 4.19 meters around the trunk, and are the largest in the prefecture

Address 1961 Ono, Otsu City
Access ■By train
20 min walk from JR Wani Station
■By car
10 min from the Kosei Road Wani Interchange
Contact Biwako Otsu Tourism Association
Closed on N/A
Price Free within the shrine grounds