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Hieizan-Okuhiei Driveway

Hieizan-Okuhiei Driveway

The Okuhiei and Heizan Driveways feature beautiful scenery up to the main hall of the Enryaku-ji temple. The total length of the driveway is 20 km, which weaves its way around the entirety of Mount Hiei Different types of cherry blossoms, especially yaezakura, are planted alongside the Okuhiei Driveway. Around Golden Week, more than 1,000 yaezakura trees can be seen in full bloom, creating quite the magnificient view. In autumn, the roadside is also dyed in beautiful red trees. You can enjoy beautiful nature throughout the year and picturesque views of Lake Biwa and Kyoto on the Hieizan-Okuhiei Driveway, making it an optimal driving route.

ADDRESS Aogi, Sakamotohonmachi, Otsu
TEL Phone: 077-529-2216 (Mount Hiei Motorway)
Phone: 077-578-2139 (Okuhiei Travel Motorway)
OPENING HOURS 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (depending on whether conditions)
FEE 2,320 yen (normal-size cars / Mount Hiei-Okuhiei Traverse)
URL Hieizan Driveway: http://www.hieizan-way.com/
Okuhiei Driveway: http://www.hieizan.co.jp/