Ryuuouguu Hidesato Shrine

This shrine is linked to Fujiwara no Hidesato (Tawara no Tōda), who quelled Taira no Masakado’s rebellion. He is said to have exterminated the giant centipede on the Seta no Karahashi Bridge during the Heian period. This was at the request of Otohime, who was from the dragon palace that existed on the banks of the river at the same bridge. The spirits of Hidesato and Otohime supposedly reside in the shrine.

Address 2-1-8 Seta, Otsu City
Access ■By train
10 min. by foot from Keihan Karahashi-mae Station
■By car
5 min. from the Seta-nishi/Seta-higashi Interchange via the Meishin Expressway
Contact Ishiyama Station Tourist Information Center
TEL: 077-534-0706