Seta no Karahashi Bridge

The Seta no Karahashi Bridge is known as one of the Three Famous Bridges of Japan. It is also known widely as the “Evening Glow of Seta,” one of the Eight Views of Omi, which are traditional scenic views of the area. In the past, the bridge was known as the “Long Bridge of Seta,” and even appears in the Nihon-shiki, one of the oldest chronicles of the history of Japan. The bridge was fashioned into its current shape (a large bridge and a smaller bridge) by the warlord Oda Nobunaga.
The bridge has been the scene of many battles. It has been considered such an important strategic position for transportation and military movements towards Kyoto that it has even been said that “he who controls the Karahashi controls the world.” The current bridge was reconstructed in 1979, but the gentle curves of its arches and the ancient railings preserve the shape of the original.
It is also famous for the episode that resulted in the creation of the phrase, “More haste, less speed.”

Address From Karahashi-cho, Otsu City, to Seta 1 Cho-me
Access ■By train
5 min walk from Keihan Karahashi Station
■By car
5 min from Meishin Expressway Seta Nishi-Higashi Interchange
Contact Ishiyama Station Tourist Information Center