Ecoro Haruchan

Our Shiga Prefecture produced black bean express a robust taste and charm while providing superior nutritional value. The black beans that have been procured from farms within the prefecture are used to make roasted beans and candied beans that refine the delicate flavor of our bean based confections. As our products are directly linked to the black bean harvest, you can enjoy high quality beans for a reasonable price.

Address 3-54-8 Hieidaira, Otsu City
Access ■By car
About 10 min. from the Nishi-otsu Bypass/Ojiyama Ramp via the Kyoto-higashi Interchange/Meishin Expressway
Contact TEL: 0120-418-830/077-529-0001
Business Hours 13:00-18:00
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
*We will also open regardless of the date or time’s written above if contacted.