Biwako Valley/Biwako Terrace

This mountain resort spreads out over a peak at an elevation of 1,100 m and is around 40 minutes from the Kyoto-Higashi Interchange. The all-glass ropeway car will take you to the mountaintop amidst picturesque scenery. The stylish Biwako Terrace is popular with visitors from all over the country, and includes a café with wonderful views. It’s a luxurious setting in which to enjoy this mountain resort.
Visitors can enjoy rich natural surroundings, including cherry blossoms in spring, daffodils in May, and a magnificent display of red leaves across the mountainside in the autumn. There are also a number of free, popular, and hand-made attractions, including a zipline and the so-called Skywalker. In the winter, Biwako Valley’s slopes are busy with visitors too, being the Kansai area’s foremost ski resort.

Address 1547-1 Kido, Otsu City 520-0514
Access ■By train
Approx. 10 min by bus from Shiga Station on the JR Kosei Line
■By car
・5 minutes from the Shiga Interchange on the Kosei Road National Road 161
Parking 1,700 cars
Contact Biwako Valley/Biwako Terrace
TEL: +81-77-592-1155