Historic Satobo Residences

It is said the satobo residences of Sakamoto first came into existence when the elderly monks of Enryaku-ji Temple were given retirement residences, and because their associations with retired life in old age were stronger than their associations with the temples, many of these residences feature gardens. There are currently more than 50 satobo residences in existences, and amongst these, gardens in the ten residences of Shogei-in Temple, Sogen-in Temple, Old Hyakugo-in Temple, Hoseki-in Temple, Jitsuzobo-in Temple, Shiga-in Temple, Old Chikurin-in Temple, Tsu-in Temple, Butsujo-in Temple, and Juryo-in Temple were nationally designated sites of scenic beauty in 1998. Old Chikurin-in Temple, Old Hyakugo-in Temple, and Shiga-in Temple are open to the public. (Photo is of the garden in Old Chikurin-in Temple)

Address Throughout Sakamoto, Otsu City (*Location information is that of Old Chikurin-in Temple)
Access ■By train
・20 min walk from JR Hieizan Sakamoto Station, or direct from Keihan Sakamoto Hieizan-guchi Station
■By car
10 min from Kosei Road Shimosakamoto Interchange
Parking 52 cars, 20 large vehicles (Use Omiyagawa Sightseeing Parking Lot)
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