Nagara Shrine

Nagara Shrine’s beginnings can be traced back to Emperor Tenji, who enshrined the ancient Shinto god Susanoo no Mikoto in a tomb cave on Mt. Nagara in order to protect the city of Otsu-Kyo. In 860, it is said that the Buddhist monk Enchi was made the guardian deity of Enjo-ji Temple. The temple was then moved in 1054 from the top of the mountain to its current location so that the common people could also pray here. The two-story gate was completed in 1905. Its medieval architectural styles can be seen put to use beautifully in all of its details.

Address 4-1 Miidera-cho, Otsu City
Access ■By train
・20 min walk from JR Otsu Station
・11 min walk from Keihan Miidera Station
■By car
10 min from Meishin Expressway Kyoto-Higashi Interchange
Contact TEL:+81-77-522-4411