Kojorogaike Pond

Along the hiking path of Mount Horai, which is known among the “Eight Views of Omi” for its view of the twilight snowfall, is Kojorogaike Pond,

Descending further west from the peak of Mount Horai, which belongs to the Hira mountain range, it is revered among the locals as a “rainmaking (ritual) pond” (雨ごいの池).

Residing at the highest point among the many ponds scattered around the Hira mountain range, Kojorogaike Pond is also famous as the setting of a tragic tale.

Address Kido, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken, 520-0514, Japan
Access ■By car
About 1 hr. after exiting the Meishin Kyoto-Higashi Interchange via the Nishi-Otsu Bypass Kosei Road (to get to Biwako Valley)