Kinji-do Confectionary

Traditional dried candies are known across Japan as “rakugan,” but these originate from “Katata Rakugan” here in Otsu.
Kinji-do sells such dried candies with an image of the floating paviliion on Lake Biwa, above which flies an elegant flock of geese. This is an image that originates from this area’s own “Katata Rakugan” (“The Wild Geese Returning Home at Katata”), one of the Eight Traditional Scenes of the Omi area.
These are fine sweets, made with the high quality sweetness of refined Japanese wasabon sugar, and four colors and flavors to enjoy in one bite-sized piece.
Please come by for a taste.

The Katata area’s Shozui-dera Temple is famous as the location where the Buddhist priest Ikkyu, famous for his wit, performed his ascetic training from age 22 to 34. We also sell “Katata Ikkyu senbei” rice crackers based on this story.

Address 2-11-31 Honkatata, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Contact TEL:+81-77-572-0061
Business Hours 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays, Sunday afternoons