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Ukimido (Mangetsu-ji Temple)

Ishiyama temple

During the Heian Period, Genshin (Eshin Sozu) built a temple on top of Lake Biwa for the safety and enlightenment of the masses. Mangetsu-ji is a part of the Daitoku-ji sect of the Rinzai school of Japanese Buddhism (one of the branches of Zen Buddhism). The present building was reconstructed in 1937 and repaired in 1982, but still preserves the feeling of the original structure. The wonderful scenery of the floating hall on top of Lake Biwa is one of the most famous scenes in the "Omi Hakkei" (Eight Views of Omi) series, known as "Katata no Rakugan" (Wild Geese Returning Home at Katata). Its sceneny has long continued to be loved by countless people, including famous Edo-era poet Matsuo Basho.

ADDRESS Otsu Honkatata 1-16-18
TEL 077-572-0455
OPENING HOURS 8.00-17.00
HOLIDAY No holiday
FEE 300 yen (280 yen for groups of more than 30 people)
ACCESS By bus: JR Katata Station to Katatademachi bus stop and a 5-minute walk to Ukimido
By car: 10-minute drive from the Kosaimano Road Interchange
PARKING AREA 25 spaces for normal-size vehicles