Located within the grounds of Chikatsuo Shrine, this is also the location of the thatched hut in which the poet Matsuo Basho lived for four months during the Genroku Era (1688-1704).
Basho’s time here was recorded in his famous “Genju-an Diary.”
A monument and a stone engraved with a haiku were erected on the grounds of Chikatsuo Shrine, but they were reconstructed in 1991.

Address 2 Kokubu, Otsu City
Access ■By train
30 min walk from Keihan Ishiyama-dera Station, or by bus to "Genju-an" bus stop
■By car
10 min from the Meishin Expressway Seta-Nishi, Higashi Interchange
Parking 10 cars, 3 large vehicles
Contact TEL:+81-77-533-3760
Business Hours 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed Mondays (The following day when Monday is a holiday), New Years
Price Free