Otsu Incident Monument

This is a stone monument built at the site of the 1891 “Otsu Incident,” when the then Russian crown prince, Nicolai, was attacked by Tsuda Sanzo, an escorting policeman, during his visit to Otsu.

Additionally, the Otsu Incident was a landmark case in showcasing the new separation of powers system enacted within the nation’s new constitution. Tsuda Sanzo was initially ordered to be executed by the Meiji government, but the judiciary struck this order down, making this case famous in spreading awareness of how the new government system functioned.

The gate for the former Otsu District Court where Tsuda’s trial was held remains at Omi Shrine (Omi Jingu) to this day.

Access ■By train
5 min. walk from JR 「Otsu Station」
■By car
5 min. from the Meishin Otsu Interchange