Minamishiga Abandoned Temple Ruins

In 1928, an excavation of the former Minamishiga Temple discovered both an east and west tower existed, as well as a corridor that led to a sanctuary, auditorium, and dining hall.

It can be speculated that with the discovery of a particular scorpion crested roof tile, that Minamishiga Temple, had a strong relation to the former Otsu-kyo (capital of Japan 667-672).

The Minamishiga Abandoned Temple Ruins are a national historic site.

Address 1-chome, Minamishiga, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken, 520-0011, Japan
Access ■By train
10 min. by foot from Keihan 「Minamishiga Station」
■By car
15 min. from Meishin Kyoto-Higashi Interchange
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