Matsuda Uoi

The first castle Tokugawa Ieyasu constructed, Zeze Castle. Beginning in the low-lying area of Zeze Castle, our store originated from catching freshwater fish in the Zeze domain’s “Zendokoro” over 200 years ago.

Here we serve additive-free soy sauce-simmered lake fish seasoned with leaf buds, green Japanese peppercorn, and ginger grown naturally in the mountains of Hira and Hiei. Our specialty kabayaki (eel dipped and broiled in soy-based sauce), which has amassed nationwide popularity, uses soft, high-grade eel from Mikawa, dipped in the same sauce used since our store’s inception and roasted over high-grade charcoal.

Here we are delivering wholeheartedly the tastes of Omi that our customers desire. Please come by and give it a try.

Address 10-29, Nishinosho, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken, 520-0818, Japan
Contact TEL:077-522-2352