This resort facility allows you to experience marine sports and BBQ in a top notch location with the wide, sandy beaches of Lake Biwa right in front of your eyes.

SUP, beachside BBQ, banana boating, wakeboarding, caravan bonfires, and tented saunas in a dome are just some of the activities we offer! Your pets may also join you for meals, swim with you, or even play some watersports.

Address 934-2 Kitahira, Otsu City
Access ■By train
15 min. by foot from JR Omi-Maiko Station on the Kosei Line.
■By car
3 min. from the Hira Ramp via National Route 161.
Parking 30台
Contact TEL: 077-535-9165
Business Hours 10:00-17:00
Closed on Thursdays (Excluding July-September)
Price 1 Hour SUP Experience: 3500円 (Tax Incl.)
Bonfire Experience: 2000円 (Tax Incl.)
Hawaiian BBQ: 4300円 (Tax Incl.)
Entrance Fee - Adults: 500円
Elementary School Students: 250円
Children younger than elementary school age may enter for free.