B.B. Dylan – Omi-Maiko Inn

B.B. Dylan is an inn located in the Omi-Maiko region of Lake Biwa. Our location’s beach waters with wide shallow waters and quiet waves are especially clear even for Lake Biwa, making it a perfect spot for swimming in the lake. Omi-Maiko’s beautiful scenery can also be viewed from each guest room or from our open terrace. A day BBQ may also be enjoyed at B.B. Dylan.


Address Omi-Maiko Beach, 100 Minamikomatsu, Otsu City
Access ■By train
・About 3 min. by foot from JR Omi-Maiko Station via the Kosei Line
■By car
・From Osaka: Meishin Express Way Kyoto-higashi Interchange ⇀ Kosei Road (Shiga Bypass)・Omi-Maiko Ramp (About 3 min. from the ramp; 30 min. overall)
・From Hokuriku: Hokuriku Expressway ⇀ Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway Tsuruga IC ⇀ Kosei Road (Shiga Bypass) ・Omi-Maiko Ramp (About 3 min. from the ramp: 60 min. overall)
Parking A private parking lot is available.
Contact TEL:077-596-8382 (Hours: 9:00-21:00) + Reservation Line: 080-8536-6170
Price 3 Person Japanese Style Room – From about 5,000円 per adult (tax incl.)
Capacity 3 Person Japanese Style Room
4 Person Japanese Style Room
5 Person Japanese Style Room
6-11 Person Japanese Style Master Room
Reservation Reservation Line: 080-8536-6170
URL http://bbdylan.takagifarm.com/