Biwako Grand Hotel Kyo-Ohmi

Biwako Grand Hotel Kyo-Ohmi is located on the shore of Lake Biwa with room for 150 guests. The hotel features large baths for men and women, from which you can enjoy views of Lake Biwa, and a large garden-style bath with an open-air bath attached. There is also a 1,000-seat convention hall where you can enjoy the seasonal taste of popular banquet-style dishes. Each room at the Kyo-Ohmi annex also has a private bath and open-air bath where you can relax while taking in the sights of Lake Biwa.


Address 6-5-1 Ogoto, Otsu
Parking 200 spaces for normal-size vehicles and 25 spaces for large buses
Contact TEL:+81-77-579-2111
Price Biwako Grand Hotel
1 night stay with 2 meals starts at 16,850 yen
1 night stay with 2 meals starts at 28,550 yen
*Rates subject to chage by day and season
Capacity 850 guests
160 Japanese-style rooms