Our traditional Japanese style ryokan resides by the shore of the Seta River, whose clear water stream comes straight from Lake Biwa.

From our inn, you will be able to witness the abundant seasonal views of Lake Seta up close. You will also be able to experience the Nango Hot Spring, whose water sprouts from the mountains where Iwama temple resides.

Additionally, we offer Shiga-themed kaiseki cuisine (traditional multi-course banquet meals) which emphasizes on freshwater fish, with our specialty being our common carp full course meal. You can experience fish cuisine such as sashimi chilled in ice water, fish boiled in soy sauce, koi fish miso soup, and much more at our inn.

Address 5-15-7 Nango, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken, Japan, 520-0865
Access ■By train
15 min. by bus from JR 「Ishiyama Station」
10 min. by bus from Keihan 「Ishiyamadera Station」
■By car
15 min. via the Meishin Seta-Nishi Interchange
20 min. via the Meishin Seta-Higashi Interchange
Parking 20 cars
Contact TEL:077-537-1255
Price 1-night stay and 2-meal packages start from 12,280 yen
※Prices vary by season and day of the week
Capacity 45 people. 8 Japanese-style rooms, 1 single room
URL https://futaba-ya.com/