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Saikyo-ji Temple

Saikyo-ji Temple

Saikyo-ji was built by Prince Shotoku and restored by Master Shinsei. It is also the head temple of the Tendai Shinsei sect of Buddhism. As a place of Buddhist practice and precepts, not a single day passes where Buddhist prayers are not performed. The temple was rebuilt by Akechi Mitsuhide after it was destroyed by fire in the seige of Mt. Hiei, and the Akechi family tomb remains at the temple. On the temple grounds, you can visit the main hall (an important cultural asset) constructed entirely from Japanese zelkova and the reception hall located in the reconstructed Fushimi-Momoyama Castle.

ADDRESS Otsu Sakamoto 5-13-1
TEL 077-578-0013
OPENING HOURS 9:00 - 16:30
HOLIDAY No holiday
FEE 500 yen for adults (450 yen for groups of more than 30 people)
ACCESS On foot: 20-minute walk from Keihan Sakamoto Station
By bus: Get on at JR Hieizan-Sakamoto Station and get off at the Saikyo-ji bus stop
By car: 10-minute drive from the Kosai Road Shimosakamoto Interchange
PARKING 50 spaces for normal-size vehicles and limited spaces for large vehicles
URL http://www.saikyoji.org/english.html