Biwako Valley

Biwako Valley

Biwako Valley can be easily accessed from the Keihanshin area (Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe regions of Japan). It's cutting edge large-scale ropeway service takes visitors instantly into a powdery white world. Slide down the highest main ski slope for a magnificent sprawling view of Lake Biwa. During the summertime, you can enjoy activities on a refreshing breezy plateau that's 10°C cooler than the city such as ziplining, the brand new Skywalker attraction, sledding and other fun snow activities, the sightseeing lift, restaurants with stunning views, and much more. Come to Biwako Valley anytime of the year for a wonderful experience!

ADDRESS Otsu Kido 1547-1
TEL 077-592-1155
URL http://snow.gnavi.co.jp/guide/htm/r0254ens.htm