Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple

Inscribed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage, Enryaku-ji Temple is called the mother temple of Japanese Buddhism because the founders of many of today’s Buddhist sects studied there. The Konpon Chudo, the main hall, is a rarity in that it is constructed entirely out of zelkova wood.
The inner sanctuary containing the image of Buddha is built at a lower level than the middle and outer sanctuaries where worshippers stand. This design originating from Tendai Buddhism allows visitors to stand at the same eye level as Buddha. The temple is well known for strict ascetic training. Visitors can copy sutras, practice Zen meditation, or try out one day of the Thousand-Day Circumambulation, in which monks in training walk a distance equivalent to the Earth’s circumference in seven years.
Enryaku-ji is a precious place where you can escape from your daily grind and know yourself amid beautiful natural surroundings.
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