Furitsuke Kagyou air:man(Choreographers/Japan)

Furitsuke Kagyou air:man(Choreographers/Japan)


Furitsuke Kagyou air:man

Leader of the dance-promoting drama group air:man, Kazutaka Sugitani contacted Mayumi Kikuchi and in 2004 the two formed a choreography unit composed of multiple dancers.
It has won many awards, including the world’s big three advertising awards.

My work brought me to Otsu. When I got off the train at Otsu Station, I was excited, but all I was thinking about was which of the appealing restaurants on the signboard to dine at. I was also pumped up by thoughts that seemed capable of making me neglect my work.

I chowed down on unagi, a freshwater eel, served shabu-shabu style for the first time in my life. It was supremely delectable! I quickly followed up with some of Mii-dera Temple’s chikara mochi rice cakes, a well-known local specialty in Otsu. Loving the rice cakes’ texture, I thought how wonderful they were. I wanted to get them as souvenirs, but finding out that they contain no additives and don’t last long wiped out my plans and I was a little saddened.

Biwako Valley moved me with its commanding view of the lake and the incredible scenery that I think I would enjoy in any season. Meanwhile, I chomped down another mouthful of Mii-dera Temple’s chikara mochi rice cakes, but made sure the rest of the crew didn’t notice. It was bliss. Too bad I couldn’t be more leisurely about it…

But no, I was getting completely distracted from my assignment. After I finally got the job done and I was sitting on the train back, my mind was restless. Why? I had forgotten to dine on the famed Omi beef…

But it’s okay! I can go to Otsu again. I’m feeling euphoric about the journey back there. Otsu is an incredible city!

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