Florent Chavouet(Illustrator/France)

Florent Chavouet(Illustrator/France)


Florent Chavouet

Born France, 1980.
Tokyo On Foot, which expresses his fascination with Japan’s culture,was published in Japan, France, Russia and elsewhere.

For me, the 10 days I spent in Otsu became an opportunity to discover a surprisingly small city that sits on the crossroads of Japan’s arterial highways, and in a somewhat secluded area joined to a massive lake.

These contrasting elements etched a powerful impression in my mind: the variety of local specialties and the humble yet precious artisans; the occasional distinguished yet hidden-away cultural heritage.

While I was of course captivated for much of the time, the surrounding rural landscape was also comforting. An endless scenery comprising rice paddies that seem to be sinking into Lake Biwa, along with small valleys bordered by groves of cedar trees, confer upon this area a beautiful, unique atmosphere and blend in with this city that has an aura of human warmth. I came to love the integrated harmony between the city and the farming villages that both soothed and stirred my spirit.

I am now convinced that Otsu is not just a waypoint to pass through: it’s also a fine place to stay!