Visiting Otsu City and Japan Heritage

Japan Heritage in Shiga

Visiting Otsu City and Japan Heritage

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TOP > Miidera Temple and the Surrounding Area

START Keihan Miidera Station

8-minute walk


Visit Miidera Temple

Visit Miidera Temple

Onjoji Temple (Miidera Temple)

Headquarter of Tendaijimon Buddhist, the history of Onjoji dates back to the Heian Period. We will view the many important cultural assets on the vast property of the temple and speculate about as yet unseen sacred Buddhist statuary.


Food, Culture and a Walk through Miidera Temple

Experience Miidera Temple

●Zazen Meditation (detached observation)

Learn Zazen meditation techniques, how to prepare for it and listen to the voice that comes from your heart.

● Sutra Copying by Calligraphy

Work with all your heart and gradually clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts

● Bead bracelet

Mala bracelet making. Create your own mala bracelet with a material of your choice.

【Miidera Temple Gourmet】

● Miidera Temple Chikaramochi Rice Cakes

A famous Otsu treat inspired by the legend of Benkei, a Japanese warrior. Enjoy the freshly made soft and chewy confection.

● Asamiyacha Tea

Picked from the Shigaraki Plains, the tea is known for its fragrance and deep flavor. One of Japan's five great teas.

● Honjuin Nagara Sabou (Teahouse)

Now a tea house but once a lodge for monks, the structure was built in the Edo period. Take a relaxing time out in this space that serves tea made from the finest material from Shiga Prefecture.。

1-minute walk


Restaurant Fugetsu

A Nourishing Shojin Ryori (Vegetarian Meal)

Restaurant Fugetsu

Work up an appetite after a walk, then take a break at a restaurant right in front of Miidera Temple. Reinvigorate your mind and body with Shojin Ryori that's steeped in history and tradition.


Lake Biwa canal

Travel the Lake Biwa Canal

Lake Biwa Canal

This man-made waterway was built during the Meiji Era. Walk along the historic stone walls and arrive at the Otsu port.


Gift and Souvenir Shopping

Wagashiya Omanjyudokoro Mochi-hyo (Japanese Confectionary Bun with Red Bean Paste)

An old establishment in continuous operation since the Edo period. Protecting its tradition but forward-looking, Mochi-hyo makes sweets that blend the old with the new, East with the West.

Tsukemonoya Yaoyo (Pickled Vegetable Store)

Selected as a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency, Yaoyo continues to use traditional pickling methods to make its famous Nagara-zuke and Senmai-zuke.

Jizake Hirai Shoten (Locally Distilled Sake Store)

An old distillery that makes the renowned sake Asajio. Freshly distilled sake can be purchased directly.


Mishigan Cruise

Ponder History from Atop the Lake

Mishigan Cruise

Enjoy a Panoramic view of magnificent Lake Biwa from the boat. Discover traces of a castle lost in the debris of history.
Ride the Mishigan Cruise


Stretch Out Your Legs, Tour the Area around Lake Biwa

Sakamoto Castle Ruins Park

Built by Akechi Mitsuhide, the castle was a magnificent structure with a big tower and a small tower. The castle ruins is all that remains.

Otsu Castle Ruins Monument

Otsu Castle Ruins Monument
Built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi due to the destruction of the Sakamoto Castle. Today, only the castle tower remains as a tower for the Hikone Castle.

Zeze-jo Castle Ruins Park

A castle built by Tokugawa Ieyasu after the battle of Sekigahara. As a structure of great historic significance in Tokaido, the castle has appeared in numerous works of art.

GOAL Keihan Hamaotsu Station/JR Otsu Station