Visiting Otsu City and Japan Heritage

Japan Heritage in Shiga

Visiting Otsu City and Japan Heritage

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START The Port by Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

Hakama (Japanese formal divided skirt) Rental and Sightseeing Taxi Plan

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

"Otsu, the holy land of Karuta" Plan your stay here around the theme of Karuta, a traditional Japanese card game, for which the city of Otsu is renowned. Become a character in a Japanese tale, and stroll the streets of Otsu in a traditional hakama. The tour comes with 2 hours of taxi use so traveling in a kimono will be in a breeze.


A Cruise on the Ichiban-maru

A Cruise on the Ichiban-maru

The Seta River and Lake Biwa River Cruise

A replica of a steamboat whose heyday was in the Meiji era, the Ichiban-maru is an old-fashioned paddle steamboat having wheels on its exterior. The elegant cruise that links the clear stream of the Seta River and Lake Biwa is a classic sightseeing route. *Check cruise timetable on the official website

30-minute boat ride


Shop for Snacks at Famous Japanese

Shop for Snacks at Famous Japanese Confectioneries

Sajo Touson

This renowned sweet shop in front of Ishiyamadera Temple features the big beans of the Tanba-Dainagon red beans that's wrapped in Gyuhi, a sweet rice cake and topped with a walnut. Most visitors come back for more.

Short walk


Visit Ishiyamadera Temple

Visit Ishiyamadera Temple

Ishiyamadera Temple

Built during the Nara Period, this ancient temple is believed to be where poet and novelist Murasaki Shikibu was inspired to write the Tale of Genji. The unseen Buddhist statuary Nyoirin Kannon, the deity to whom this temple is dedicated, is worshipped to ward off evil spirits, bring about safe birth, good fortune, and for match-making.

【Receive Blessings from Ishiyamadera Temple】

●Try on the Juni Hitoe 12-layered ceremonial robe

Wrap yourself up in a Heian Period costume, evoke the spirit of Murasaki Shikibu, a celebrated poet and novelist in that period. Contemplate life in the Heian Period and tap into Shikibu's wisdom and class.

●Relationship Blessings

One can receive love relationship blessings at various spots on the temple grounds. Visit the Main Hall, Two-storied pagoda, temple bell house, Ryuzogongen-sha and a stone-cutting quarry used in the period of the Emperor Tenchi.

●Tour the Photo Spots

The area is dotted with numerous scenic spots for taking pictures, including the Murasaki Shikibu statue, the Genji Room deeply connected with Shikibu, the moon-viewing pavilion, and the wollastonite, which is said to confer great karma upon those who are pictured with it.

5-minute walk


Try the Murasaki Shikibu Gozen for Lunch

Try the Murasaki Shikibu Gozen for Lunch


Take a break in the high-quality spaces along the banks of the Seta River. Inspired by Shikibu's 12-layer robe, the Murasaki Shikibu Gozen is colorful as it is delectable course meal. Enjoy the entire 3-course meal, which includes the "Hotaru."

Other restaurants offering the Shikibu Gozen

Shijimi Kamameshi Koshu (Pot rice)



Visit the Home of Japanese Confectionery, or Visit a Good Fortune Shrine

Kanou Shujuan, Sunai no Sato

Plan A - Kanou Shojuan, Sunai no Sato

Home of Japanese confectionery store Kanou Shojuan, the Sunai no Sato village has shops, eateries and strolling paths where you can pass the time comfortably. Visitors can also experience tea ceremony or traditional sweets-making with master confectioners. (Reservations required)

TTakebe Taisha Shrine

Plan B - Takebe Taisha Shrine

The Deity enshrined is Ouminokuni Ichinomiya, and the Shrine is dedicated to Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, a legendary prince of the Yamato Dynasty. The shrine attracted lots of warlords as worshippers in ancient times and is well known as the place where Minamoto no Yoritomo prayed for battle victory. If you're hoping for good fortune in your occupation, this might be the place for that.

15-minute drive from Ishiyamadera Temple

10-minute drive from Ishiyamadera Temple


Watch the Sun Set over a Land Rich with History

Watch the Sun Set over a Land Rich with History

Seta no Karahashi

Old enough to appear in the Nihon Shoki, one of Japan's oldest chronicles, this famed bridge has been immortalized in the old saying, "That which conquers Karahashi conquers the world." The bridge is also known as one of Eight Views of Omi, the Sunset Scenery of Seta.

Keihan Karahashi Station > 10-minute ride > Keihan Ishiyama Station

GOAL Keihan Ishiyama Station