Natural Source Hotel Kotoyu

Natural Source Hotel Kotoyu

Guests of Kotoyu can enter the Ogoto Agaryanse Spa Resort for free. Relax and enjoy the variety of hot springs at Kotoyu including natural hot springs and stone saunas. Rooms that offer views of either Lake Biwa or Mount Hiei are available. Enjoy picturesque views and natural hot springs along with Kotoyu's delicious cuisine from the comfort of your room.

ACCESS On foot: 20-minute walk from JR Kosei Ogoto Onsen Station (shuttle bus service also available; please contact us when you arrive to schedule pickup)
By car: 20-minute drive from the Meishin Kyoto East Interchange
URL http://www.kotoyuu.jp/
ADDRESS 3 Chome 9-5 Noka, Otsu
TEL 077-577-3160
FAX 077-577-3225
CAPACITY 130 guests
FACILITY 38 rooms
RATES Packages including a 1-night stay and 2 meals start from 11,300 yen
*Rates subject to change by date and season
PARKING large parking area available