Biwako Hanakaido

Biwako Hanakaido

Biwako Hanakaido is located in the hills of Ogoto Onsen on the west bank of Lake Biwa. At Biwako Hanakaido, you can witness the incredible view of the lake shimmering with the rising morning sun from your room. Upon arriving, you will be instantly greeted by the warmth and hospitality of our staff along with decor of seasonal flowers. You'll feel soothed and at peace as you admire the changing of the seasons in the courtyard and entrance. Our farm-to-plate cuisine is cooked by a master chef with fresh local ingredients from Omi and is served in a banquet style. With so much abundant splendor in Shiga including Lake Biwa, we want Biwako Hanakaido to be a place where you can connect with people, nature, history, and the region.

ACCESS By car: 5-minute drive from JR Kosei Line Ogoto Onsen Station,
or a 15-minute drive from JR Hieizan-Sakamoto Station
or a 20-minute drive from the Meishin Kyoto East Interchange then drive to Kosai Road Ogi Ogoto via the interchange
By shuttle: 15-minute drive from Keihan Sakamoto Station
*Hotel can pick up from any station. Please contact the hotel in advance.
URL http://www.hanakaido.co.jp/en/
ADDRESS Otsu Ogoto chome 1-3
TEL 0120-051041 (077-578-1075)
FAX 077-578-1011
RATES Packages including a 1-night stay and 2 meals start from 21,600 yen
*Rates subject to change by date and season
PARKING 48 spaces for normal-size vehicles and 4 spaces for buses