BSC Watersports Centre

BSC Watersports Centre

BSC Watersports Centre is located at the lusciously green Horai Beach on the west side of Lake Biwa at the base of Mt. Hira. It is surrounded by mountains and the fresh air of the northern part of Otsu. Founded in 1973, it has expanded into a school for yachting, kayaking, windsurfing, and more with 40 years of experience. BSC Watersports Centre offers a wide variety of watersports classes including kayaking, and also offers camps for elementary school students (international children's camps, etc.). It also hosts events so you can experience the most from Lake Biwa.

ADDRESS 4-1 Minamifunaji, Otsu, Shiga
TEL 077-592-0127
FAX 077-592-1531
URL http://www.bsc-int.co.jp/